June 1, 2012

Recipes from some of our favorite people, Chefs, designers, architects and bloggers all guaranteed to impress your friends and family this Thanksgiving.


Growing up in the South, we never had pumpkin anything. It wasn’t until I spent my first Thanksgiving in New York, and then in Los Angeles, that I had pumpkin in the fall with any regularity. Here’s a recipe I devised several Thanksgivings ago to punch up the flavor of regulation canned pumpkin with the warmth of my favorite nut, the pecan, and the tang of delectably indescribable French Roquefort



Love to bake? Design your kitchen to suit your passion with tips, equipment, and layout advice from designers and industry experts


Anyone who’s ever baked five dozen cupcakes for their child’s school, Christmas cookies for a crowd, or (heaven help us) a wedding cake knows that in many ways, the average home kitchen isn’t designed for a big-batch, nearly professional baker. We turned to experts for their suggestions about the ultimate kitchen layout, tools, and equipment for committed bakers.


When Alex Hitz, baking enthusiast and founder of the Beverly Hills Kitchen, a line of frozen Southern meals sold on HSN, opt...

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